Our Philosophy

The fundamental task of architecture has always been to create an aspiration to a better life.

Built space should tie with its context. A building should have "resonance" the ability to develop connections with the past as these are represented by other forms and buildings. It is not just about being a good neighbour. It is most importantly about the creation of continuity so that "the City" presents itself as a living place, as history - not as an assortment of competing elements.

To reconcile the old and the new it is essential to understand and respect both in order to proceed with an architectural strategy that fuses the two poles.
For us, architecture that excludes one or the other is profoundly pessimistic. Simply because, modern is what is contemporary.
Classic is perpetual. And something contemporary can be perpetual.

We seek the city that has the power to move the imagination at multiple levels. A city that never dries up, that remains interesting and exciting. A city which has continuity, but where each building has its own individuality; proud and humane, standing strong in mutual respect. Architecture after all is also a matter of good manners.

A major element in our practice is our concern with the "genius loci", the sense of place. What do the surroundings look like? What is the local scale? What does the ambience call for?

We live in a time of flux, with multiple learning in minimum time. In this context of many languages present -not just many voices- we seek allusions in our design with a consistency and a continuity that stems from the understanding of the past. To be built in the present and with a vision for the future.