Amvis Headquarters

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The company headquarters - including laboratories, offices and storage spaces - functions as an integrated unit which processes and promotes optical lenses. Located on the Hymettus Ringroad at its junction with the Attica Highway, it is a remodeled 30m x 50m industrial building.

Only the structure of the original building was retained and reinforced. The new zoning law along the peripheral road prohibited any extension. Thus, only a floor was added on top of the northern side of the original structure, while a new entrance was created in recess on the east façade.

The façade itself combines a curtain wall with marble surfaces, perforated by conventional, human-scale windows.

In the main entrance lobby, a two-storey space was created as a point of reference for all associates. This space is a unifying element for the ground and first floor, around which are situated the laboratory spaces along with storage and circulation areas, as required for the immediate transportation of the product.

Project Details

  • Location: Pallini, Athens, Greece
  • Client: AMVIS S.A.
  • GFA: 5.000 sq.m
  • Year: 2005
  • Status: Completed

Services Provided

  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Implementation Design
  • Supervision