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The "Anemi" luxury hotel complex is located in the island of Folegandros, a Cycladic landscape of wild beauty. The design of the resort is based on contemporary design principles, sensitively blended with the Cycladic tradition, creating an atmosphere of high quality and aesthetics.

Embraced by the surrounding hills, the complex gradually develops along the site, allowing for uninterrupted views of the beach and of the harbor. The hotel consists of twelve single and double storey building blocks. The composition of the building volumes has been fully adapted and incorporated into the natural landscape. The result is a set of units that are "of the land". Although each building volume is unique, it incorporates the general concept of the complex. The parapet edges are of various heights in order to avoid standardization and integrate the complex to the morphology and the overall character of the island.

The main entrance is placed in the middle of the east side of the site. The building blocks include furnished apartments, which, as rooms and suites, are designed to provide the feeling of a private residence in their interior and exterior spaces. The public and "back of the house" areas of the hotel are located in a single storey central building. The layout of all the circulation areas adapt to the natural contours, achieving a smooth transition from private to public space. The arrangement of the volumes allows the creation of private courtyards with pergolas and private pools. The exterior space in front of the main building accommodates two large swimming pools. This area is further enhanced through the use of pergolas and consists of the main outdoor, public, recreation space. The materials and colours chosen compliment the clear lines and volumes of the interior spaces, combining the traditional elements of the island with a contemporary twist.

The "Anemi" Hotel was distinguished:

  • As part of the Greek participation to the 14th International Architectural Exhibition at "La Biennale di Venezia", 07 June-23 November 2014.
  • Award "Design Hotels of the World 2014"
  • Award "Condé Nast", 2008-2009
  • Award "Best Boutique Hotel in the World", 2007

Project Details

  • Location: Karavostasis, Folegandros Island, Greece
  • Client: K.Benakopoulos
  • GFA: 2.200 sq.m
  • Year: 2002 – 2007

Services Provided

  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Implementation Design